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A Castle

We had a castleA virtual one…xxxx My favorite home castle was in  Cairo, where I grew up as a little girl. I imagined myself as an Ottoman princess from centuries ago, in veils, dancing with dervishes, riding horses in the … Continue reading

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Seven Ways of IoWomenT

In English, in Italian It was my idea to have an open-source connected home of the future.  My scheme was accepted by brave new geeks, brilliant people, but mostly male.  They gave the house, “Casa Jasmina,” my name: I am … Continue reading

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Internet of Women Things@CasaJasmina

Does anything feminine ever exist as such? A history of invisibility cannot guarantee material results. We know they existed historically, these creative women who worked with along with male artists and designers, but they rarely had their names attached to … Continue reading

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CasaJasmina work in progress

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