* Dizajn Zlocina, Sudjenje skorpionima (VBZ Sarajevo, Zagreb, Beograd 2009)

* Processo agli Scorpioni (Edizioni XII, 2008, Stampa Alternativa, 2009, Italy)

* Matrimony (Ediciones del Bronce, Planeta, Barcelona, Spain, 2003; Feminist Publisher 94, Belgrade, Serbia, 2004)

* Me and My Multicultural Street (Feminist Publisher 94, Belgrade, Serbia, 2001) – Serbian and English

* Diary of a Political Idiot (Cleis Press, San Francisco, California, 2000) — published in 12 languages

* O Normalnosti: Moralna Opera jednog politićkog idiota (Feminist Publisher 94, Belgrade, Serbia, 1999)

* The Suitcase: Refugee Voices from Bosnia and Croatia (University of California Press, Berkley, San Francisco, California, 1997).  Edited with Julie Mertus, et al.


* Nefertiti (Stampa Alternativa, Italy 2009)

* The Necromancers/Nekromanti (play, 2007)

* Nefertiti Was Here/Nefertiti je bila ovde (Belgrade Women’s Studies, Centar za Zenske Studije, Beograd 2007)

* They just do it (play, Feminist Notebooks, Belgrade, Serbia 1998)

* The Mermaids (Feminist 94, Belgrade, Serbia 1997) — Borislav Pekić Award recipient

* A Women’s Book (Feminist 94, Belgrade, Serbia 1996)

* In Exile (Feminist 94, Belgrade, Serbia 1994)

* The Invisible Book (KOV, Vrsac, Yugoslavia 1992)

Essays and Short Stories

* “All Patients are Refugees” (Stories of Illness and Healing: Women Write their Bodies, edited by Sayantani Das Gupta and Marsha Hurst, The Kent State University Press, 2007)

* “Baghdad/Belgrade Correspondence” (Writing the World: On Globalization, editors Wandee Pryor and Rothenberg, MIT Press, Boston Massachusetts 2005)

* “Diary of an American Idiot” (n+1, 2005)

* “Letter to My Imaginary American Friend” (Stop the Next War Now, editors Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, Inner Ocean, San Francisco, California 2005)

* “We Are All Women In Black” (Women on War, edited by Daniela Gioseffi, Feminist Press, New York, New York, 2003)

* “Mermaids, Ljubica” (short stories) (Casablanca Serbia, editor Nicole Janigro, Feltrinelli, Milan, Italy 2003)

* The Diary of a Political Idiot (Granta 67, Autumn, London, UK 1999)

* “Lies and Secrets” (Index on Censorship, London, UK 1999)

* Many short essays published on the blog Boing Boing, including “The Long Goodbye“, concerning the funeral of Slobodan Milosevic

* “Ja i moja multikulturalna ulica” (Feminist 94, Belgrade, 2001; translated into English as “Me and my multicultural street” in Bojana Kovačević’s Master’s thesis, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Facultat de Traducció i d’Interpretació, Bellaterra, Barcelona, 2008)

* Other writings for newspapers and TV including Serbian weekly NIN; Serbian daily Nasa Borba; The Washington Post; Philadelphia Inquirer; L’Espresso; Panorama; ABC TV; El Pais; Al Jazeera; Flair; Grazia. She has a column in La Stampa, Italy, “I Globalisti” (together with her husband Bruce Sterling) and Yellow Cab, Belgrade.


* Difficile Morire, artistic collaboration on Umberto Silva’s film, (Rome 1977)

* Mother and Sinner, with Rade Vladic (Belgrade 1978)

* Morning Midday Evening, with Rade Vladic, film based on a short story by David Albahari (Belgrade 1978)

* Nefertiti Was Here (Belgrade 1978)

* Jasmina’s Diary, with Dinko Tucakovic (Belgrade 1999) (Made for broadcast on German television)

* Nefertiti Was Here in Belgrade (Belgrade 2003)

* Women in Black (Belgrade 2006)

* Stencil Art in Serbia (Belgrade 2007)

* A Minute to Twelve (Belgrade 2007)

* In/Visible Cities (Belgrade 2008)

* Rafts (Belgrade 2008)

* Participation (Belgrade 2008)

* Blogs (Belgrade 2008)

* Recycling Romany (Belgrade 2008)

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