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Jasmina Tešanović (Serbian: Јасмина Тешановић) (born March 7, 1954) is a feminist, political activist (Women in Black, Code Pink), translator, publisher and filmmaker. She was one of the organizers of the first Feminist conference in Eastern Europe "Drug-ca Zena" in 1978, in Belgrade. With Slavica Stojanovic, she ran the first feminist publishing house in the Balkans "Feminist 94" for 10 years. She is the author of Diary of a Political Idiot, a war diary written during the 1999 Kosovo War and widely distributed on the Internet. Ever since then she has been publishing all her work, diaries, stories and films on blogs and other Internet media.

Virtual Court in The Hague

For those of us who once lived in the former Yugoslavia, The Hague is the symbol for international tribunals.  Our bloodstained nation is just a myth nowadays, but this court, a congelation of nations, still exists in a building in … Continue reading

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Maker Faire Rome 2015

Maker Faire Rome, in its third year and already a tradition, had a hundred thousand visitors.  Students were the protagonists this year: the huge fair was held all over the wide campus of the Sapienza University of  Rome. Real Italian … Continue reading

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Jasmina Tešanović´s Story

Originally posted on Misplaced Women?:
Here I am now as a wannabe European woman traveling alone. Because you see, women don’t travel alone; they travel with their men, families or friends. If they are alone, it means they are lost…

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Pride Parade, Belgrade 2015

The successful gay parade this year in Belgrade resulted in a rather dirty aftermath among the participants. I am pleased that this year this dangerous, always threatened event was a truly “gay” parade. People threw flowers at the participants instead … Continue reading

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My Stolen Life

My handbag was stolen two months ago. It happened in seconds in a mall in Turin , Italy. I never saw the thief, and neither did my husband, sitting two meters from the scene of the crime a fast food … Continue reading

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We are all Refugees

In English, in FrenchOnce I was a refugee, too.  During the fall of former Yugoslavia, I visited many refugees camps all over the war-torn region.   I edited a book of  refugee stories. Every war is different, so we should … Continue reading

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