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Jasmina Tešanović (Serbian: Јасмина Тешановић) (born March 7, 1954) is a feminist, political activist (Women in Black, Code Pink), translator, publisher and filmmaker. She was one of the organizers of the first Feminist conference in Eastern Europe "Drug-ca Zena" in 1978, in Belgrade. With Slavica Stojanovic, she ran the first feminist publishing house in the Balkans "Feminist 94" for 10 years. She is the author of Diary of a Political Idiot, a war diary written during the 1999 Kosovo War and widely distributed on the Internet. Ever since then she has been publishing all her work, diaries, stories and films on blogs and other Internet media.

Women’s Tribunal Sarajevo 2015

two texts, before and after

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Internet of Women Things@CasaJasmina

Does anything feminine ever exist as such? A history of invisibility cannot guarantee material results. We know they existed historically, these creative women who worked with along with male artists and designers, but they rarely had their names attached to … Continue reading

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The people who hit the streets, on the first of May in Italy, wanted to celebrate the day of labor in the major cities. Also, to express their worries about the lack of work and the unemployment (which is now … Continue reading

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SXSW 2015

This year, at my jubilee tenth SXSW attendance, I was focusing much more on the people than on the events.  It’s because of that feeling of missing everything once you have the badge and the madness starts rolling. People queue … Continue reading

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Free download of my book Matrimony in English Matrimony.

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CasaJasmina work in progress

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Transmediale 2015, Berlin

Transmediale 2015 Transmediale is an ideal event for taking the moral temperature of the alternative Internet crowd. This year: feverish. The theme was certainly well chosen: “Capture All”, meaning everything instrumented, everything streaming data under surveillance. The total act of … Continue reading

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