The Last Day of Billy the Kid


About jasminatesanovic

Jasmina Tešanović (Serbian: Јасмина Тешановић) (born March 7, 1954) is a feminist, political activist (Women in Black, Code Pink), translator, publisher and filmmaker. She was one of the organizers of the first Feminist conference in Eastern Europe "Drug-ca Zena" in 1978, in Belgrade. With Slavica Stojanovic, she ran the first feminist publishing house in the Balkans "Feminist 94" for 10 years. She is the author of Diary of a Political Idiot, a war diary written during the 1999 Kosovo War and widely distributed on the Internet. Ever since then she has been publishing all her work, diaries, stories and films on blogs and other Internet media.
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10 Responses to The Last Day of Billy the Kid

  1. Thanks Jasmine, that was fun. I hope you don’t mind if I post this link to my novel, Billy the Kid’s Last Ride, for Billy fans.

  2. As Paul Hutton has observed, “Billy the Kid keeps riding across the dreamscape of our minds, handsome, laughing, deadly…”
    I was inspired some years ago, to tell his story as I understand it, in the form of a really good western shoot ’em up. I was always looking for a good western novel and they are hard to find. Think of Little Big Man, Blood Meridian and Lonesome Dove. Great ones like those are few and far between. I believe that the Kid’s true story–whether you sympathise with him or not– is compelling and evokes ancient tragic themes. So I wrote the thing and it was finally published in December 2011. I think that people who love westerns and especially those who are fascinated by the Kid will enjoy it. People who have read it say they enjoyed it. So have a look, if you wish. Thanks~John

  3. p.s. I have observed that people love to argue about the Kid. So if anybody has any opinions they would like to test, or any questions about the Kid and his historical milieu, lay them out here. I’ll do my best to respond.
    Perhaps Jasmina can tell us what inspired her to produce and post her Kid video above?

  4. well i, was THERE, i knew the legend, i LOVED the movie and the Dylan song but speaking of arguments what occurred to me is that he was probably just a a very young common criminal who afterwards became a symbol of something else! Haven’t read your book however, you tell me about my impression!

  5. Jasmina. I’ve been trying to reply but your format won’t let me. Perhaps it is because my reply is too long. Don’t know. So let me try a different approach.
    The Kid championed the downtrodden in New Mexico when he was drawn into the Lincoln County war.
    In my opinion, William Bonny was no cold-blooded killer. He was a thief, a gambler and a rustler and more escape artist than killer. He stymied military men and posses, government agents, bounty hunters, vigilantes and lawmen, for years. He escaped from jails in Silver City, Fort Grant, Lincoln, Albuquerque and Fort Stanton. Yes, he killed men. He killed for revenge against those who killed his friends. And he killed men who intended to kill him.
    The native New Mexican people adored the Kid because he had brilliantly defied the very same incomprehensible powers that oppressed them: the president, the governor, the American law, and those who used it for their own profit. And he seemed to laugh and dance with Spanish beauties all the while. Miguel Otero, who was once the governor of New Mexico and who knew the KId wrote: “He had his share of good qualities and was very pleasant. He had the reputation of being considerate of the old, the young and the poor; he was loyal to his friends and above all, loved his mother devotedly.”

    • my blog cannot open this morning ( europe) however usually i have to apporve any comment or my administrator! as soon as wordpress springs back to it s feet i will see thanks for this John, i will answer you on the blog!

  6. ok, here i am again
    i had some info around about Billy and i got it that he was a guy who landed from some other type of high criminal into this poverty stricken region…where he could not really cope with the local mafia matters
    However very often, true criminals in people’ s fantasies, after centuries of troubles, take shape of some liberators, i know it for sure in serbian history, old fashioned medieval, or even more recent communist one. But i do trust you on Billy matter!

  7. Hi, Jasmina. Here is the entire one hour documentary about Billy from The American Experience on P.B.S. While I don’t agree with everything in it, it’s still pretty fun. If you find time, enjoy!

  8. Hi, Jasmina. Here’s an article by a psychic who thinks she was Billy’s wife in a past life. It includes a video about the theory that was Billy was not killed by Pat Garrett on July 14, 1881. Kind of like Jesus, Elvis and JFK.

    Billy the Lid keeps riding across the dreamscape of our minds.

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