G8 Done in l’Aquila

Incredible hours we are living these days in Europe, in Italy: the G8 meeting in an earthquake site in L’Aquila, violent hailstorms paralyzing traffic in Milan, a Michael Jackson memorial in front of the Gothic church Il Duomo. Nothing seems too weird, as if different worlds have accumulated in these moments of economic, cultural and climatic collapse.

With the big slogan designed on the ground: YES WE CAMP, the G8 meeting in L’Aquila had started: judged by the Guardian and New York Times as rather dubious, since it was organized by the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlsusconi. Lately, Berlusconi has been covering the front pages of international press because of his lascivious partying with call girls and underage girls. All of a sudden, he is hosting this rather politically unpopular G8 meeting of the world superpowers. Nowadays the aging G8 promoted to be the G14, Including ambitious candidates for a globalized world such as Brazil, India, Mexico. More

Torino Riots

in Serbian, in English

Odrasle devojke i momci ne placu

U Torinu su se sastali dekani G8. Uskoro ce i G8 da bude odrzan u l’ Akvili, umesto u Rimu, kao omaz gotovo skroz razrusenom gradu od zemljotresa u blizini Rima

U Italiji je politicka scena vrlo vruca: kriza pogadja siromasne i nestabilne dok predsednik Berluskoni zivi u neznanju i svom uobicajnom losem ukusu. More


How can one write about Silvio Berlusconi?

He is beyond any taste and above any doubt. Berlusconi, Italy’s longest-serving Prime Minister ever, has been in or near power for years on end. It seems as if he will stay there forever. The damage he has done to this beautiful country with its wobbling democracy is beyond repair. With his clown face and cheeky ignorance, he matches Bush and Mussolini.

When one thinks of modern Italy, one inevitably thinks of Silvio Berlusconi as its personification. Forget la dolce vita, the Trevi fountain, spaghetti and pizza, fine wines like Barolo, Chianti and Barbera: think rude and ignorant politicians, sex scandals, mafia-style palace intrigues, the dark times of an empire. More


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