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        “Gümüş, known in Arabic as “Noor”, is one of the world’s most popular soap operas .  Released in Turkey by the MBC network, “Gümüş” won an estimated 85 million viewers throughout the Arab World during its first season in 2008.” (Wikipedia)

        In my lifetime, I’ve made repeated attempts to watch TV soap operas: American ones, Italian, Mexican, Brazilian and even Serbian ones.   I could never get beyond the first few episodes.  Soap operas always bored me, and then angered me.

     Why?   Because they were so blatantly false, so aggressive and unfriendly.  Their phony, consumer-ad version of lived reality made me feel miserable.   My way of being and thinking is systematically excluded from soap operas of every nation. 

       Far from considering them “popular art,”  I thought they were elitist, and in a bad way: fantasies of snobbism, created for wannabes, who watch actresses in fancy costume while they themselves buy laundry soap.

       However, some months ago my friend told me that a Turkish soap opera exists that made Moslem women unite in the Arab Spring revolution.  Obviously watching “Gumush” was a must. 

       After a couple of indifferent episodes, I got hooked. I immersed myself in the world of the woman “Gumush” and I lived with her.  I dreamt about her awful problems, I got angry with her foolish mistakes, I talked to my family and friends about the dire struggles Gumush and I were enduring.   More

Žarana Papić: To je moj izveštaj vama

In Memory of Žarana Papić 2002-2012

March 8 in Belgrade, Women in Black

LA Diary 2005 : March

photo by Stephanie Damoff

March 2, 2005

In NY, what a change of pace: snowing and severe atmosphere here: people are not smiling, even if you stare at them; they are hurrying and looking at their feet as they walk. It reminds me of Belgrade really, life is hard in NY, and there is a permanent survivor’ s war here.
At the Bowery Poets Club I read my ‘Letter to an Imaginary American Friend.‘  I speak of the parallels of the Milosevic’ s regime and Bush’ s. I speak about the polarization, militarization and silence of a political idiot now American. I get a big applause; then other people mostly young speak the same way, performing dancing singing ridiculing seriously their grim reality. 

    Finally we drink beer and life goes on in the snow.  Four hard years yet to come, they say.  More

Se non ora, quando?

photos by Francesca Ottobelli
boing boing

Berlusconi: Millions of Women ask him to resign!
In English, na srpskom, en francais

“If not now, when?” was a national demonstration of women, to put it bluntly, against Berlusconi and pornocracy. The other names for the same demo were: Resign, Basta, I don’t give up! ADESSO, NOW!
A flash mob in 280 cities of Italy and 50 abroad, millions of people, mostly women but also men and children. It was not a first flash mob in the last few weeks or months since Berlusconi got caught up in the sex scandal vertigo with minors, prostitutes, pimps and orgies at his home.
Only a week ago in Milan, in a big rally the prominent intellectuals from Italian public life such as the distinct professor and writer Umberto Eco, Roberto Saviano the star of antimafia campaign writing, the judges of of the constitutional court, trade union leaders and many others started the campaign: RESIGN. But as one of the speakers, the orchestra director Pollini said : Belrusconi will never step down, Belrusconi didn’t. On the contrary, he speeded up a campaign against the judges in Milan on his case, threatened of suing the state of Italy in the European parliament and organized rallies in his support , claiming an innocent altruistic interest in girls, accusing the investigators of a communist biased campaign against a decent family man and head of a the government. More

Virginia Woolf’s Birthday Today

Words, English words, are full of echoes,of memories, of associations. They have been
out and about, on people’s lips, in theirhouses, in the streets, in the fields, for
so many centuries. And that is one of thechief difficulties in writing them today –
that they are stored with other meanings,with other memories, and they have contracted
so many famous marriages in the past. Thesplendid word “incarnadine,” for example – More

Gay Pride Parade Belgrade 2010

Branding Serbia

CNN reporting live from the Belgrade riots, during the Gay Pride Parade 10.10.2010: thank you fascism!

Nine years after the dramatic attempt of a gay pride parade in 2001, when a small group of activists was brutally attacked and persecuted in Belgrade
a new parade was held with strong police forces protecting it.
A thousand activists were escorted by special troops, horses, cars and helicopters and cut off from the hooligan groups waiting to confront them on the route. This was the most protected gay parade in human history, one of the participants said. Last year the parade was cancelled at the very last minute by the police and state authorities for lack of such guarantees.

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