LA Diary 2005: April

Jonathan Foer

April 4, 2005

Three days in Salinas with Code Pink girls, and local, mostly Spanish speaking inhabitants. Twenty-four hours of reading but there was music and dancing too, these sit ins are similar all over the world. Let’s see if they close the library after all: the reason given is no money for small libraries. The protestors declare: more money for books, less for wars. Names of soldiers killed in Iraq were lined on a fictive graveyard with candles. More

LA Diary 2005 : March

photo by Stephanie Damoff

March 2, 2005

In NY, what a change of pace: snowing and severe atmosphere here: people are not smiling, even if you stare at them; they are hurrying and looking at their feet as they walk. It reminds me of Belgrade really, life is hard in NY, and there is a permanent survivor’ s war here.
At the Bowery Poets Club I read my ‘Letter to an Imaginary American Friend.‘  I speak of the parallels of the Milosevic’ s regime and Bush’ s. I speak about the polarization, militarization and silence of a political idiot now American. I get a big applause; then other people mostly young speak the same way, performing dancing singing ridiculing seriously their grim reality. 

    Finally we drink beer and life goes on in the snow.  Four hard years yet to come, they say.  More

These Boots Are Made for Dancing

Nekad je Austin imao problem sa ovim festivalom South By Southwest sve dok hipici nisu dosli na vlast, jer to je festival gde hipici ne samo sto su na vlasti vec su i opozicija. Vrlo impresivno: kao guliverska prica, kao Kristijanija, samo sve to mnogo vise i mnogo bolje. Sinoc na Sestoj ulici od podne krenula je svirka; do ponoci i sve okolne ulice su bile zatvorene i ozvucene. Sve u svemu 1300 bendova svira recimo triputa toliko koncerata, uglavnom besplatnih na festivalu jer je bitno da te cuju…bas na SXSW. Improvizavani bendovi po ulici uopste nisu amaterski vec prodaju cedeove i zvuce kao klasici: karnevalsko andergraund oblacenje, sloppy i dirty, pivo u ruci i na cemu god da si, samo da znas da je sve strogo zabranjeno i kaznjivo i da se teksaska policija ne zeza. More


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