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Japan at SXSW 2011

This year Hugh Forest the executive director of SXSW Interactive opened the first session March 11th with the words “Solidarity for Japan”. During the recent earthquake catastrophe everything failed except for the Internet. Aki Kodama was at the airport of Tokyo blocked for 24 hours by the tsunami earthquake. His group of Augmented Reality Tonchidot Corporation. made it to Austin to do their work and spread their word.

Bruce Sterling reads his poem for Rasha Livada

Bruce Sterling recites a poem dedicated to the late Serbian poet Raša Livada at the Austin Museum of Digital Art’s 2011 digital showcase.

by Bruce Sterling

for Rasa Livada (1948-2007)

Damp streets, a dark alley outside the garage,
How many poets can one city bury?
The full moon over Belgrade expects an eclipse.

Gritty, dear old Beograd, she’s strewn with Xmas decorations,
Tourist-luring tinsel for the graveyard of empires.

Selling dead dad’s dead car, dressed in dead dad’s overcoat and hat,
I’m the silent gunsel here, I’m the diesel-punk Communist assassin;
Lady, what on Earth are you doin’, letting this cheap hood in your garage,
With that gat hangin’ out of his overcoat? More

SXSW 2010

You don’t have to Keep Austin Weird. Austin will stay so anyway.

Keep yourself straight if you manage to visit Austin, if you want to say something about weirdness. Or just tie your dirty red bandanna on the first day of South By Southwest, and move right along.

Thirteen thousand people, only five percent of them over fifty: this is the statistic of SXSW Interactive 2010. The panel I attended on “Why Do We Still Blog” was made of excuses, very plausible and honest: blogging is dead, long live Twitter. Still, every day, many new blogs are born. More

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