Last Tango by Bertolucci

I have made films myself, scripted films, and known directors, crew and actors, so I have few illusions about films as a working reality.  I know that a film set is never a peaceful, safe place for anybody.  A film set is like a dysfunctional family that falls apart after a couple of months.

So I don’t like to moralize about the issues of making cinematic art, but I find it is impossible to stay silent — especially when others are being offensively loud about the industry’s dark side.  For instance, the world-famous Bernardo Bertolucci.  Bertolucci released a new film recently — it was well-received — and then he reminisced in public about the high-points of his Oscar-winning film career.  Especially “Last Tango in Paris.”

This much-discussed film is a decadent erotic love story between an old boxer and a young hippie in an empty flat in Paris.   It had a scene that has never lost its potential to shock.  It involved butter and sodomy. More

Madame Curie Installation

by Jennifer Steinkamp, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

Space Liberation Army Intervention

Acts of memory

Acts of Memory
Anniversary ― an act of memory
solo, collective and multi-lingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Monica Ross and Co-Recitors
UK Tour 2011 – 2013 More


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