Dark Eyes

Lyrics and vocal
Jasmina Tesanovic
Horns and accordion performed by Bandragola Orkestar arranged by Sebastiano Giordano
Arranged and produced by Luca Morino
@ Mulino MAUse House

For Anna Polikovskaya

Oh these black dark eyes,
Big Brother’s russian eyes
Burn with bullets eyes,
how they hypnotize
How I need you so,
how I fear you though
Since I saw you glow!
Now my spirit’s low!

Your darkness seals
a fire real
My fate now i feel
my soul burnt with zeal
Mother Russia’s love
smothers every soul
Everyone becomes
Both her tool and fool

Ochi chornyye, ochi strastnyye
Ochi zhguchiye i prekrasnyye
Kak lyublyu ya vas, kak boyus’ ya vas
Znat’ uvidel vas ya v nedobryi chas

No, not sad am i
yes yes mad am I
all my comforts lie
in my destiny
Just to realize
my life’s greatest prize
I ‘ll not sacrifice
for those Russian eyes

I’m Ukrainian, i am serbian
I am muscovite , Politkovskaya
Putin’s dark black lies,
big brother’ s russian fires
make us all his tools
with fools he rules

ochi chorniyi, nepovtorniyi,
ochi yasniyi i prekrasniyi,
yak lyublyu ya vas, yak boyus ya vas,
znaty vgledila u nedobryy chas!

Shameful Execution of Natalya

On 15 July Natalya Estemirova, 50, was kidnapped and murdered by unknown assailants in the Chechen capital Grozny. The mother-of-one worked for the human rights organisation Memorial and was a close friend of the journalist Anna Politkovskaya, also murdered in 2006.

A human rights activist is killed like a dog, executed, dumped and humiliated in front of the eyes of a million people, who know that what she was saying was true, right, honest and proper.

Because, you see, WE ALL DO KNOW THAT. Good and bad guys know Natalya was telling the truth, in Russia, in Chechnya, in US in Europe. And yet we all stay silent about her death. Most of us turn the head the other way, as if it is none of our business, as if it is inevitable, as if it were somebody else’ s world. More

Kapital gneva

Ovaj tekst sam napisala posle diskusije sa Stasom Zajovic i Slavicom Stojanovic.

Srecan Vam 8.mart!

Globalna ekonomska kriza je iznela na svetlost dana razlicite vrste problema. Zene vec zive u problemima i cesto su ti isti problemi njihov modus prezivljavanja. U mracnim istorijskim vremenima, u ratovima i ekonomskim krizama one su uvek karijatide prezivljavanje, nevidljiva siva ekonomija zasnovana na solidarnosti majki, sestara i cerki sto opstaje kao jedina struktura kad se urusi patrijarhat. Zene su bogate i onda kad su siromasne. More

Dossier Anna Politkovskaya



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