Salviamo il Valdese

Lettera di Roberto Dosio, primario

NELL’OSPEDALE VALDESE Il 31 Dicembre 2012 cesseranno le attività
ambulatoriali, diagnostiche e chirurgiche di senologia, di
ginecologia, di ortopedia, di chirurgia plastica, di neurologia.
Le residue attività saranno/potranno essere in breve anche esse eliminate.

Centinaia di migliaia di prestazioni laboratoristiche,
ambulatoriali/specialistiche e chirurgiche verranno cancellate

cancellate e non dislocate in altre strutture come viene raccontato.

Gli Operatori (più fortunati) saranno “solo” dispersi qua e là.

Gli Utenti seguiti dal Presidio (meno fortunati) saranno abbandonati
a se stessi.

La storia dell’Ospedale Valdese termina qui.

Free Pussy Riot 3

In every country in every town in every village there is a church: Right now I am in Sveta Petka Divcibare Serbia: FREE PUSSY RIOT! Women Join Me

Free Pussy Riot from Jasmina Tesanovic on Vimeo.

Srebrenica Genocide 16 Years After

In English Mapping of Genocide

FAMA team
Team leader: Suada Kapić

Srebrenica burial by Jasmina Tesanovic ( The Scorpions)
July 11, 2007

Why did I expect it to be easier this year? Going to Srebrenica was never easy. It is called a “high risk business” by the local Serbian police, even in Belgrade.

On the night before the Srebrenica anniversary, we Women in Black had a commemorative standing in the Square of the Republic, as has been our ritual for the past 12 years. Standing soberly in black with lit candles, holding the banner SREBRENICA Not to be Forgotten, we stood in the city’s largest public square, without press coverage because the Serbian press much prefers to forget.

One hundred and three standing women were guarded by one hundred policemen, almost a one-to-one action. We were separated as a political virus from our non-existent audience, though crowds in past years have insulted us and beaten us.

Srebrenica is now a closed issue, according to local officials. After the sentence in the Hague tribunal last May which declares the Serbia government not guilty of genocide — merely guilty of not preventing it — the Serbian authorities as well as the local silent majority can live in denial with official global approval. More

Space Liberation Army Intervention

Acts of memory

Acts of Memory
Anniversary ― an act of memory
solo, collective and multi-lingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Monica Ross and Co-Recitors
UK Tour 2011 – 2013 More

Share Belgrade 7-9 April


After twenty years of being online all over the world, proud to be here in Belgrade and take part in this great meeting of geeks activists musicians and other cool people

LA Diary 2005: April

Jonathan Foer

April 4, 2005

Three days in Salinas with Code Pink girls, and local, mostly Spanish speaking inhabitants. Twenty-four hours of reading but there was music and dancing too, these sit ins are similar all over the world. Let’s see if they close the library after all: the reason given is no money for small libraries. The protestors declare: more money for books, less for wars. Names of soldiers killed in Iraq were lined on a fictive graveyard with candles. More

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