Storifying #terremoto in Italy

Today again i thought it was all in my head: i was in the local hospital doing blood tests and i thought i was swooning because of the sight of blood, lack of coffee…but then i got instant messages, tweets, emails etc…my IPHONE applications went wild, beeping and blinking…
Earthqaukes again in Modena and whereabouts 5.8 Richter scale the first…
Tremors were felt s far as Torino , doors were banging, glass clinking…the pregnant women in the clinic touching their bellies in fear

This is the storify account of the tragedy still going on: up to now 13 dead and buildings still collapsing

translation of the tweets
#terremoto The cupola of the Church of Santa Barbara in Mantova has collapsed

#terremoto Don’t use the cellphones except for emergencies, the cell coverage is collapsing

#terremoto Ten probably dead. In Carpi a part of Duomo has collapsed and the parish priest is dead crushed by the ruins

There is an idea circling and i am adhering to it. Cancel the parade of June 2 and use all that (big?) money for the reconstruction #terremoto

TIM provider has opened it ‘s wifi coverage in Emilia Romagna. Spread it if you can #terremoto

In Modena blood type O positive is needed#terremoto

today at school so scary #terremoto

hey you cannot see these things in TV, they are worried that #terremoto is felt in Milano

Many calls for blood needs in hashtag #terremoto from Italian tweeps. Looks like there are many people wounded.

#terremoto, remove the password requirement in order to facilitate the communication after the cell phone blackout

# for those who forgot. At Ostiglia, 30km from the epicenter #terremoto, a nuclear power plant was planned

#terremoto professionals: engineers, architects needed, contact the police number 0535/611039, 800/19797

  1. ZiettaBarbara
    RT @mariocalabresi: #terremoto i morti sarebbero 10. A Carpi è crollata una parte del Duomo e il parroco è morto sotto le macerie
  2. AndreaScanzi
    Un’idea che sta circolando e che faccio mia. Annullare la parata del 2 giugno e usare quei (tanti) soldi per la ricostruzione #terremoto
  3. Adino74
    RT @YKatja: @Adino74 Casa Vacanze Il Gelso – Montopoli Valdarno (Pi) mette a disposizione un appartamento per un mese 348.0040687 #terremoto
  4. VoiceofDjMalik
    RT @ProCalizzano: La Tim ha aperto le reti wi fi dell’emilia romagna Diffondete se potete #terremoto
  5. orneorny
    RT @piescic: #terremoto eh ma ste cose in tv non le fan vedere. Si preoccupano che a Milano s’è sentita la scossa
  6. FDF
    RT @northaura: Many calls for blood needs in hashtag #terremoto from Italian tweeps. Looks like there are many people wounded. #rbnews
  7. esseresr
    RT @StefanoRapi: “@ZeroFanzine: #terremoto Per chi se lo fosse dimenticato a OSTIGLIA, 30Km dall’epicentro, si pensava di costruire una CENTRALE NUCLEARE.”
  8. Ri_Italia
    “@RadioEnea962: #terremoto Si cercano professionisti: ingegneri, architetti contattare la Polizia Municipale: 0535/611039, 800/197197”

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